Hillary Halldorson Designs

Hop Art Brewing Co.



Hop Art is the culmination of a semester-long, self-initiated project, the purpose of which was to have each student determine the marketing and communication needs of their own unique scenario. My own situation was created out of a desire to explore the fun and competitive world of alcohol branding and packaging within the saturated market of the Greater Vancouver Area. The approach is based off of the need of craft beer brands in this area to be highly competitive. The user-centric, tactile resolution lends a rebellious, grassroots feel, and responds to beer enthusiasts’ desire to be more involved in their beloved brands.




The deliverables of which included a project overview, creative brief, competitive landscape, and number of marketing materials which were decided upon based on the requirements of each individual project. My solution included social media ads and mockups, a desktop landing page, three transit ads, and three beer bottles among the name and logo.

Many, if not most of the people who live in Vancouver cannot practically partake in homebrewing due to space restrictions or the expense of the initial investment. As such, many Vancouverites who are passionate about brewing find themselves unable to make their own beer. Although there a lot of comradery between brewers and their customers, there continues to be a barrier that prevents craft beer enthusiasts from participating in their beloved brands in a meaningful way. With some breweries closing due to attrition, it is important not only to differentiate in terms of what is being offered, but it is equally or even more important to position that offering in a unique and distinct way.



Traditionally, brewmasters make what they feel appropriate with some level of public feedback or enthusiasm. However, there is an opportunity here to stand out from the competition by more directly involving Vancouverites in the formulation process. The offering is a brewery that uses a portion of their revenue to persuade people participate in formulation nights, in which regular people create new recipes and have the chance to get their images on the bottles. The target audience for this business is primarily male, millennial, well-educated, highly social and image-conscious. They are amateur connoisseurs, and are also motivated by the prospect of having meaningful experiences.



While many craft beer brands try to create a rustic look based off of the long history of brewing, Hop Art derives inspiration from early Punk-Rock posters and imagery. This look conveys the grassroots nature of the brand and puts users at the core of the imagery and messaging. The logo itself is noisy and kinetic, a representation of disruption and the visual inspiration.

The brand character is collaborative, playful, disruptive, and graphic. This brewery seeks to embrace U-Brewing and home brewing trends, capture the creativity that bonds beer lovers of all calibers, and invite non-professionals into brewing in an accessible way that creates a unique story.


The following work represents some of the conceptualization, as well as initial iterations which were later edited with professor feedback. The response that this project received, which in turn affected the work shown above, is that I needed to take the concept further. I composed the first iteration of this project by mimicking the appearance of collage digitally, whereas the final product uses tactile elements. I also initially used very contemporary typefaces which were inappropriate for achieving the desired look and feel. This led to a more thorough research of the origins and applications of typefaces to determine their suitability for the brand.